About Go Fish Poke

A simple poke bowl consists of a base, a topping, and a sauce. At Go Fish Poke , Chef Jerome Ito begins with the simple poke bowl and expands it to a greater dimension. You make each selection: from crab to tuna, atop a base of rice, fresh greens, or chips, in a housemade sauce – from a light citrus ponzu to a savory and spicy Togarashi mayo. No matter the combination created, each ingredient is highlighted and every bowl is balanced.

And that is only one part of Go Fish's culinary repertoire. To celebrate the Bay Area's diverse taste, Go Fish also offers fresh Japanese handrolls, vegan and gluten-free options, and evolving weekly specials . We are constantly experimenting with ingredients in our kitchen to only serve what is fresh, delicious, and exciting. From salmon and hamachi belly chirashi to local honey BBQ spare ribs, Chef Ito will always bring something new to the menu.

What Makes Go Fish Go?

Go Fish Poke's secret is apparent in every bite. Each ingredient and every portion matters: our fish is fresh and specially-selected; our sauces and sides are crafted in-house; and our ingredients are local- even our furikake seasoning is made with Gilroy Farm garlic. In addition to selecting only the best ingredients, we are ecologically responsible. We prepare and present our bowls using eco-friendly, compostable, and biodegradable products. An elevated culinary experience with a conscience, Go Fish Poke is more than a simple poke bowl. We make each step with intention.

Healthy. Colorful. Delicious. Your poke addiction begins here. GO FISH.

Chef Jerome Ito

Native to the famously eclectic and vibrant city of Los Angeles, Chef Jerome Ito is the co-founder and executive chef of Go Fish Poke. Growing up as fourth-generation Japanese yonsei, Chef Ito was exposed early and often to the Japanese and Hawaiian culinary influences of his community. Chef Jerome Ito began his career under the mentorship of the highly regarded sushi Master Chef, Andy Matsuda, learning foundational skills in the sacred art of sushi. From there, Chef Ito immersed himself in Los Angeles's competitive Japanese sushi world, where his classic technique, yet innovative and aggressive approach carried him quickly through the ranks of Santa Monica's glossy and popular sushi restaurants to then become Head Sushi Chef at Kitchen Sync, Google's first full sushi bar. At Google, Chef Ito was also a passionate instructor, leading Google's first Sushi 101 classes. As Head Sushi Chef, Chef Ito commanded the kitchens by serving up Google HQ and hatching fresh pop sushi specials and dishes to the Bay Area's lead innovators and executives. When Chef Ito gained incredible popularity for his creative take on the traditional Hawaiian "poke," he finally decided to launch his catering business, Go Fish by Jerome Ito, in 2014.

With Go Fish Poke Bar, Chef Jerome Ito specially ties classical Japanese cuisine with intriguing modern concepts, which he previously showcased in the sold-out pop-up restaurant series: "My Japanese Food Affair" and "Itadakimasu."